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Welcome to NetPenny.

NetPenny Broadband Internet
$65.95 a Month on Autopay

Service Includes:

  • Up to 75M Download / 8M Upload
  • Up to 100 time faster than dialup speed
  • Optional affordable Fiber speeds up to 1Gb/s offered
  • Ultra reliable: 99.9% uptime
  • Does not require land line, phone service or television bundle
  • Free month for each customer referral that pays first bill
  • Free, friendly tech support
  • 5GB mailboxes
  • Spam & virus email scan
  • Includes free WiFi wireless
  • Instant messaging
  • No hidden taxes, charges or fees
  • $65.95 is what you're charged for Broadband
  • Fiber starting at $60.95
  • Not an introductory teaser price
  • $100 One time activation, equipment, professional installation
  • Works with free VoIP telephone services like Ooma
  • Current customers call to find out how to switch

To check for Broadband or Fiber service availability

Customer Service 1-888-248-7239

Click for an Access Number near you.

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